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NEM To Gather Thought-Leaders At Summit On Opening Western Markets To Retail Choice

September 14, 2017

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

The National Energy Marketers Association has released a draft agenda for its Western Energy Policy Summit to be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas NV, October 23-25, 2017.

The draft agenda and registration information is available on NEM's website (click here)

In addition to several keynote addresses, the draft agenda includes the following session topics and panels:

Retail Choice in the Western Energy Markets - Statutes and Regulation

• Examination of the current laws and regulations and future legislative and regulatory initiatives related to retail energy markets.

• Current state of laws and regulations pertaining to retail electric and natural gas choice in the Western States

• What legislative actions are required to introduce and expand the availability of retail energy choice in the different states?

The Technology Revolution Fueling the Consumer Energy Innovation Revolution

• Advances in energy and information technology are supporting the availability of an ever increasing array of energy innovations to consumers, at an increasingly more affordable price. Consumers are demanding energy innovations at a speed that only the competitive marketplace can keep pace with, not utility monopolies.

• How is consumer demand for renewable energy driving energy choice initiatives in the various jurisdictions? What are the other underlying drivers?

• What are current and expected future requirements related to renewable portfolio standards, energy efficiency and demand response programs?

• What are the current laws, regulations, and utility tariffs that inhibit further growth and availability of energy innovations?

• What are the best practices that Commissions and utilities can adopt to facilitate competitive entities provision of energy innovations like Distributed Energy Resources to consumers?

• What can and should be to done increase consumer engagement in energy purchasing decisions?

Retail Choice in the Western Energy Markets

• In-depth examination of wholesale market issues associated with the implementation and advancement of retail choice.

• What are the current wholesale market structures in the Western states?

• What are the options in each state for transitioning the wholesale market structure to support retail electric choice?

     --- Single-state or regional wholesale approach?

     --- Governance issues

     --- Costs – implementation and on-going

• What wholesale market elements best support retail choice markets? Energy Imbalance Market, Ancillary Services, Capacity Market?

• Are there elements of other existing wholesale market structures that should be incorporated, e.g., ERCOT model?

• Are the rules and processes of the CAISO robust enough to support retail choice 2.0 in California? If not, what changes are needed?

CEO Panel

• NEM Member CEOs lead a discussion on the market structures, rules and business processes that are critical to the success of well-functioning competitive retail markets.

• What are the pitfalls to avoid?

• What are the currently available and soon-to-be available energy innovations for consumers?

Retail Choice in the Western Energy Markets – Market Structure

• Examination of the retail market structures, rules and regulations that will best support the availability of energy choice options to consumers in the Western States

• What changes should be made to the traditional utility market model to simultaneously minimize stranded costs, leverage utility proficiencies, enhance grid reliability and security, support competitive entry and participation and support consumer shopping?

     --- Changes in utility ownership of generation

     --- Changes in utility procurement practices

     --- Changes in utility rate structures

     --- Changes/restrictions in utility product offerings

• What retail market structure changes are necessary for the successful introduction and/or reintroduction of retail energy choice?

     --- Competitive provision of default service

     --- Stranded cost calculation and application, minimization of exit fees and the obligation of utilities to prudently manage costs

     --- Utility delivery service rate unbundling

     --- Customer switching timelines and no minimum stay requirements

     --- Real-time supplier data access and customer billing requirements

     --- Competitive supplier licensing and oversight, supplier ethics and marketing standards o Robust consumer education

     --- Competitive service for low income and credit-challenged customers

Thought leaders to whom an invitation to speak has been extended includes Nevada Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and various other Nevada legislators and stakeholders

Invitations have also been extended to the following thought leaders:

• Joe Reynolds, Chairman, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, Ex Officio

• Michael Picker, Chairman, State of California Public Utilities Commission

• Catherine Pugh, Mayor of Baltimore

• Betty Ann Kane, Chairman DC PSC

• Don Dodge, Developer Advocate, Google

• Sherman Elliot, Able Watts, Inc. Emeritus Commissioner, ICC

• Erin M. O'Connell-Diaz - FutureFWD, Inc., Emeritus Commissioner, ICC

• Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-Founder & CEO, Ambit Energy

• Pierre Koshakji, Senior Managing Director, Stream Energy, NEM Chairman

• Gerry Haggarty, President and CEO, SFE Energy Inc. – President and CEO, Summit Energy, NEM Vice Chairman

• Harry Warren, President, CleanGrid Advisors, NEM Chair 2007-2009, NEM Vice- Chair 2006-2007, NEM Director

• Bill Kinneary, NEM Chair 2006-2007, & 2012, Emeritus & NEM Director

• Chris Hendrix, Director of Markets & Compliance, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., NEM Director

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