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As More Western States Examine Choice, Policy and Industry Leaders Gather for NEM Western Energy Policy Summit

Consumer Demand for Energy Innovations Driving New Market Openings

October 18, 2017

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

The National Energy Marketers Association next week will host Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison, Nevada Assemblyman Chris Brooks, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, and a variety of other policymakers and retail energy thought leaders as NEM hosts an examination and symposium on opening western retail energy markets

NEM's Western Energy Policy Summit (info here) will be held October 23 through October 25, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV.

"The National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) is pleased to hold its Western Energy Policy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss the historic movement toward the availability of energy choice for consumers in Nevada, California and other neighboring states," said Craig Goodman, President of NEM

"From last year’s ballot initiative to make energy choice a constitutional right for Nevadans, coupled with direct access and community choice aggregations that are providing expanded energy options to more and more Californians, the Western states are swiftly emerging as the next frontier in retail energy markets and consumer-focused energy innovations," Goodman said

Leading experts guiding the Western energy policy initiatives including Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison, Nevada Assemblyman Chris Brooks, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff, and NV Energy VP of Energy Market Policy, Carolyn Barbash, will lead the discussions at NEM's policy summit.

They will join other national experts such as Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh, DCPSC Chairman Betty Ann Kane, and former ICC Commissioner Erin O'Connell-Diaz as well as Presidents and CEOs of energy and technology companies from across North America including NEM Executive Committee leaders Pierre Koshakji, Director of Stream, Gerry Haggarty, President and CEO of SFE Energy, and Kevin McMinn, COO of U.S. Gas & Electric, to guide the Policy Summit on October 23-25, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Consumer demand for energy innovations, such as renewable energy, distributed energy resources, and energy efficiency products, is exploding, as supported by advances in energy and information technology. Competitive energy suppliers and competitive energy markets are best-suited to meet these consumer demands. We look forward to robust conversations and dialogue at the Policy Summit to explore the best path forward for Western energy markets to achieve this goal," said Goodman.

NEM said that confirmed speakers for the summit include:

• Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, Mark Hutchison

• Nevada Attorney General, Adam P. Laxalt

• Nevada Assemblyman, Chris Brooks

• Mayor, City of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh

• DCPSC Chairman, Betty Ann Kane

• Former FERC Chairman, Jon B. Wellinghoff

• Former ICC Commissioner, Erin O'Connell-Diaz

• Chair, NEM Executive Committee: Pierre Koshakji (Director, Stream Energy)

• Vice Chair, NEM Executive Committee: Gerry Haggarty (Pres. & CEO, SFE Energy)

• Membership and Strategy Chair, NEM Executive Committee: Kevin McMinn, COO, U.S. Gas & Electric

• Former Chair, NEM Executive Committee: Chris Hendrix (Director of Markets & Compliance, Wal-Mart)

• Ron Perry (CEO, Commercial Energy)

• Jeff Hendler (CEO, Energy Technology Savings)

• Darin Cook (CEO, Infinite Energy)

• John Flory (President, The Alliance Risk Group)

• Steve Madden (COO, Infinite Energy)

• Dan O’Malley (EVP & COO, Stream)

• Pat McCamley (EVP, Corporate Development, Crius Energy)

• David Visneau (SVP, Corporate Products and Pricing Strategy, Ambit Energy)

• Nelson Reyneri (SVP, Mass Market Sales, Liberty Power Corp.)

• Harry Kingerski (VP-Regulatory, Vista Energy Marketing)

• Carolyn Barbash (VP, Energy Market Policy, NV Energy)

• Gary Newcombe (VP. Govt. & Reg. Affairs, Canada, Direct Energy)

• J.T. Foley (Executive Director, Gov’t Relations, Sands Las Vegas Sands Corp.)

Link to agenda and registration info

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