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International Retail Supplier, Which Leverages Aggregation, Data Driven Model, To Expand To U.S.

Company Touts Goal Of Fixing "Broken" Industry

October 31, 2017

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

En-Powered Inc., through its subsidiary EnPowered USA, is entering the U.S. retail energy market.

En-Powered Inc., legally operating as "EnPowered" within the territory of the Dominion of Canada presently acts as a retail energy supplier to end-users in the Canadian jurisdictional territory of the Province of Ontario. En-Powered Inc. is licensed in the Canadian jurisdictional territory of the Province of Ontario to operate as an electricity retailer to both small consumers and commercial customers, and it is licensed as a gas marketer in the same jurisdiction, and has been operating in the Province of Ontario for a period of over two years.

En-Powered Inc. is a privately-owned company that is wholly owned by its Founder and President, Tomas Nathan van Stee, who is the sole officer of the company and serves as both the Chairman and Secretary of the Board, as well as the President of the company itself

EnPowered USA's website lists Ohio as its initial market

EnPowered USA applied for FERC market-based rate authority, so that, "the Applicant may qualify to transact business as a retail supplier of electricity in certain regional transmission organization service areas and state jurisdictions where authorization to undertake wholesale sales of electricity may be a condition to conducting such retail electricity sales."

However, its website also indicates it may engage in brokering customers into plans from other retail suppliers. A "terms" section of its website states, "EnPowered will enable users, through the Website, to access descriptions of available Plans and pay for such Plans in accordance with the prices set forth on the Website; EnPowered will then facilitate communications between you and the Retailers to arrange for the Retailers to provide you with energy in accordance with such Plans, and will thereafter facilitate communications between you and the Retailers respecting the energy services provided to you by the Retailers."

In Canada, EnPowered's strategy has relied on creating aggregations.

Its website also places a focus on a transparent, data-driven approach for customer marketing and engagement, with customer portals providing personalized usage, rate, and savings information versus competing offers and default service

Describing its process, EnPowered's website states:

Start Controlling Your Costs

• Find out if you are being burned: Compare your current and historical rates with the utility and see if you are getting a good deal

• Compare all the rates in the market: Get the real picture. We compare all the rates in the market - including the sneaky hidden details

• Create your perfect plan: Set your target costs, risk, and energy source preferences to create a completely personalized rate

Start Controlling Your Risk

• Guaranteed savings with no risk: A hedged rate will offer guaranteed savings, dropping with market rates but never rising higher than utility rates

• Greater savings with some risk: Variable and fixed rates can offer increased savings but you risk losing money if market and utility rates change

• High potential savings with some risk: If you are comfortable with risk, you can directly access the exchange markets and place hedges yourself

Start Tracking Your Results

• Track your savings: Receive weekly and monthly savings reports that clearly outline exactly how much you are (or are not) saving

• Track your usage: Access your usage data and compare it to temperature, historical usage patterns, friends, and other variables

• Track your source: Track your electricity over time, understand which facilities are producing your electricity

Other notable language from EnPowered's website includes:

• The energy industry is full of door-to-door scams, hidden fees, and no transparency. We are changing this industry step-by-step, starting by delivering an average of 30% savings to our customers.

• Our first step in fixing this industry is to offer our customers a personalized energy portal. We are giving consumers the tools to control their energy cost, energy supply, and risks.

• Down the road we will be offering many innovative services to allow our customers to directly control their energy usage. Stay tuned to watch the energy industry change.

• We are sick of the slow-moving energy industry filled with door-to-door scams.

• Others like to show-off their promotional rates. We reveal what is hidden within.

• Others offer you a handful of simplified default options. We personalize every electricity plan.

• Others offer no transparency. We give every customer detailed monthly reports.

EnPowered's website also includes the following message from its Founder Tomas van Stee:

"I became interested in the energy industry when my parents’ farm got locked into a 5-year electricity contract. I knew that there could be a better solution, so I started EnPowered to help everyday consumers control their energy usage and costs.

"I firmly believe that by putting the customer first, we will be successful. From the very beginning, we have aligned our incentives with our customers; no cancellation fees, no long-term commitments, complete transparency and honesty from beginning to end.

"Lets work together to fix this broken industry, and Give Power Back to the People."

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