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United Illuminating Residential, Small Business Default Service Rates To Increase Nearly 30%

November 2, 2017

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

United Illuminating's residential Standard Service rate will increase 27% on January 1, while the small C&I rate will increase 25%

The January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018 UI residential (Rate R) Standard Service rate will be 9.6628 ¢/kWh, 27% higher than the current UI Rate R rate of approximately 7.60¢/kWh.

Both rates include the bypassable Federally Mandated Congestion Charge (FMCC). For the first-half 2018 rate, the included bypassable FMCC is 0.0011¢/kWh

The UI Rate GS Standard Service rate will see a similar increase from about 7.54¢/kWh to 9.4509¢/kWh (rates include bypassable FMCC)

New Standard Service rates for January 2018 through June 2018 are as follows, in cents per kWh (for Rates LPT & GST, rates only applicable for customers under 500 kW). Standard Service rates include the bypassable FMCC of 0.0011¢/kWh

UI Jan-Jun 2018 Standard Service Rates (¢/kWh)
** Rates include Bypassable FMCC **

Rate R:       9.6628

Rate RT
  On-Peak:   12.2138
  Off-Peak:   8.7138

Rate GS:      9.4509

Rate GST
  On-Peak:   11.3776
  Off-Peak:   8.3776

Rate LPT
  On-Peak:   11.5397
  Off-Peak    8.5397

Rate M:       9.8006

Rate U:       9.8006

The Last Resort Service Generation Services Charge (GSC) rates for the three-month period beginning January 1, 2018 are as follows, in cents per kWh (rates DO NOT include the bypassable FMCC):

Rates GST & LPT* (Above 500 kW) GSCs
** Rates DO NOT include bypassable FMCC ** 
  On-Peak:   10.2960
  Off-Peak:   9.7470
  On-Peak:   11.0880
  Off-Peak:  10.8260
  On-Peak:    6.7460
  Off-Peak:   6.7750

*Rate LPT Shoulder & Off-peak price is the same

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