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Updated: Approval Includes 7 Communities

New York PSC Endorses Opt-Out Municipal Aggregation With Opt-Out Community Distribution Generation Component

March 15, 2018

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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Update: The PSC said in a press release that the Joule Assets CCA program approved includes the Town of Fishkill, the City of Beacon, the Town of Philipstown, the Village of Cold Spring, the Village of Lima, the Village of Brockport, and the Town of Geneva.


The New York PSC has approved, with conditions, Joule Assets, Inc. as a community choice aggregation administrator, including generally endorsing the ability for participating municipalities to enroll customers onto a community distributed generation (CDG) program, that provides savings, on an opt-out basis.

A written order was not immediately available.

However, based on Staff's recommendation, the PSC will not, at this time, allow Joule's CCAs to use utility consolidated billing (UCB) for the CDG component.

Joule had originally envisioned that CCA customers would contribute to the CDG project through an agreed upon monthly charge, and would receive a proportional monetary CDG credit, on their monthly utility bill.

Staff cited an ongoing review of the treatment of distributed generation on UCB, as well as technical issues, in recommending that the PSC not allow Joule's proposed use of UCB for CDG at this time

Joule's plan envisions that the monetary value of the CDG credits provided to the customer will exceed the correlated CDG charge, and therefore function as a savings for customers

While the PSC generally endorsed inclusion of CDG in Joule's CCAs on an opt-out basis, the PSC is requiring that a further CDG-specific implementation plan be filed by Joule before such opt-out CDG activity may commence, because specific details on CDG projects and offers are not yet known

Among other things, Staff said that the CDG implementation plan must describe the "guaranteed" savings under the CDG program. The implementation plan shall also address outreach and billing, since UCB will not be permitted

Staff said that allowing CDG as part of the CCA is conditioned on permitting customers to opt-out of the CDG program or cancel CDG without penalty at any time

Joule will be required to show that CDG savings exceed subscription fees each quarter

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