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Regulator Directs That Retail Supplier Number Of Non-compliant Bills Be Included In Public Monthly Report On Customer Counts

July 5, 2018

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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The Connecticut PURA has directed the EDCs to begin including in their public monthly migration reports, which currently include customer counts for each retail supplier, the number of instances in which a supplier failed to provide "Next Rate Information" for a customer's bill.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (Authority) directed that, effective no later than July 25, 2018 and monthly thereafter, The Connecticut Light and Power Company, d/b/a Eversource Energy and The United Illuminating Company, together the electric distribution companies (EDC), include the following information described below in each company’s Monthly Competition Reports

PURA said that the EDCs shall include a monthly Supply Summary report to assist the Authority in tracking compliance with Connecticut General Statutes §16-245d(a)(2) [the Next Rate Info statute].

PURA said that the EDCs shall submit a five page report, each page to individually reflect each of the five Supply Summary items listed below. The data will list the number of residential customer accounts served by the supplier and the number for which the data has not been provided.

The five Supply Summary items, for which the number of customers that the supplier failed to provide the required information will be listed, are:

1. Term of the supplier’s Rate in billing cycles (Term);

2. Expiration date of the Rate (Expiration);

3. Cancellation fee if applicable (Cancellation Fee);

4. Any change to the Rate effective for the next billing cycle (Next Cycle Rate); and,

5. Notification that the Rate is variable (Contract Type).

PURA said that the Report will display data for the most recent (i.e., rolling) six-month period. The information submitted in July 2018 shall include the information submitted in response to Interrogatory SEU-15 in Docket No. 14-07-19RE05, PURA Investigation into Redesign of the Residential Electric Billing Format – Review of Summary Information, Implementation and Display. Therefore, the July filing will include information for May and June 2018.

Section 16-245p of the General Statutes of Connecticut requires electric suppliers to submit information to the Authority that, "will assist customers in making informed decisions when choosing an electric supplier, including, but not limited to, the information provided in subsection (b) of this section and any other information the authority considers relevant."

"The Authority considers this information relevant to assisting customers in making informed decisions when choosing an electric supplier. Therefore, the Authority will not issue a confidential protective order for this information," PURA said

Docket No. 06-10-22

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