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NY PSC Secretary Grants Extension Of Deadline For ESCO Compliance With Revised UBPs

September 17, 2018

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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The Secretary of the New York PSC has granted a further extension for ESCO compliance with the newly revised Uniform Business Practices (UBPs) that had been adopted on January 19, 2018.

Under the Secretary's notice, the compliance deadline is extended until January 4, 2019.

The compliance deadline had originally been 30 days from the PSC's January 19, 2018 order adopting the revised UBPs, which had resulted in a deadline of February 20, 2018. Various extensions were previously granted which extended the deadline to September 24, 2018.

As previously reported (see details here), among other things, the revised Uniform Business Practices now require ESCOs, for residential and small non-residential customers, to conduct, "an independent third party verification," for any sale resulting from a scheduled appointment, in addition to door-to-door and telephonic sales

The January order also clarified ESCO budget billing obligations, and used an older definition for small non-residential customer that ESCOs said is inconsistent with the definition from the 2016 reset order

Various parties have petitioned for rehearing or clarification of the January 19, 2018 order

RESA noted that various parties have challenged and/or sought clarification of many of the revised provisions of the UBP, including, inter alia:

• Section 2.G, which pertains to compliance with the Clean Energy Standard;

• Sections 5.A and 5.K.1, which address service provider changes for customers who want to opt out of community choice aggregation;

• Section 5.L.2, which pertains to voluntary budget billing and levelized payment plans;

• Section 5.B.2, which requires a third party verification for the enrollment of small non-residential customers resulting from door-to-door sales, telephonic enrollment and scheduled appointments;

• Section 5.B.4, which requires standard sales agreements to be in 10 point font;

• Section 5, Attachments 1.A and 2.A, which address TPV requirements;

• Sections 10.C.1.b.1 and 10.C.1.d, which change the information displayed on ESCO representatives' badges.

RESA had recently sought an extension of the effective date of the revised Uniform Business Practices requirements until ninety (90) days after the Commission issues a decision on the Petitions for Rehearing, Reconsideration and/or Clarification of the Order.

The Secretary's notice extended the compliance deadline until January 4, 2019.

In the notice, the Secretary stated, "In light of the fact that those petitions are still pending before the Commission, the deadline for ESCOs eligible to operate in New York and electric and gas distribution utilities that have tariffed provisions providing for retail access to comply with the Commission’s Order Adopting Revised Uniform Business Practices is extended until January 4, 2019. This extension is granted in order to promote the fair, orderly and efficient conduct of this proceeding."

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