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Arizonans for Electric Choice and Competition Propose Issues For Discussion In ACC's Electric Choice Rule Review

March 20, 2019

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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Arizonans for Electric Choice and Competition ("AECC") submitted to the Arizona Corporation Commission a list of "Areas for Discussion in Retail Electric Competition Rules."

As exclusively reported by, a majority of ACC Commissioners recently indicated they favor addressing electric choice through a series of discrete actions and policies (not necessarily relating to LSE-style choice), with ACC Chairman Bob Burns stating, "We can choke on something if we try to swallow too much, so maybe it's better if we take smaller bites." (see our prior story for a full discussion of the ACC's recent discussion of approaching the choice investigation)

The AECC's Areas for Discussion in Retail Electric Competition Rules is as follows:

1) Create a utility landscape enabling distribution utilities, natural monopolies, to maintain reliable and efficient delivery of electricity to consumers.

2) Allow generation service to return to a competitive service as defined by Arizona law, and relieve ratepayers of bearing the long-term risks of utility decisions. Ensure alignment of risks related to generation investments with investor's, owner's, and/or operator's business objectives.

3) Integrate statewide transmission operations, generation dispatch, market monitoring, system access, and participation in neighboring ISO/RTOs to optimize and develop Arizona's system equitably for all consumers and fairly for all participants.

4)Encourage utilities and/or electric service providers to deploy competitive customer service models to drive customer satisfaction on a variety of factors such as customized pricing, environmental attributes, and technology adoption.

5) Increase customer choices for all consumers without harm or unjust costs to any other customer

6) Promote transparency and availability of system-wide data to allow all parties to determine cost-competitive solutions to pursue opportunities.

7) Allow customer data to be accessible at the customers' discretion for evaluation by market participants and technology providers offering solutions to the customer.

8) Provide the opportunity for the Arizona Corporation Commission to regulate the marketplace and participants,

     a) Oversight and enforcement of compliance with all rules and regulations by all participants ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable operations.

     b) Provide consumer protections and dispute resolution for retail customers.

     c) Approve market products designed and proposed to support transmission operations.

     d) Adoption of statewide surcharges to equitably fund all ACC mandated programs such as: supporting low-income customers, advancing economic development, implementing environmental (RE/EE) programs, resource adequacy, and others.

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