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Start-up Texas Retail Provider Receives License, Will Offer AI/Machine Learning Optimized Wholesale Pass-Through Subscription Service

May 1, 2019

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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The Public Utility Commission of Texas granted Evolve Energy, LLC a retail electric provider certificate

Evolve Energy's creation had exclusively been first reported by (see story here) exclusively reported that the company will use a subscription model, passing the real-time wholesale cost to the customer, and using enabling technology to automate demand response and savings.

Evolve Energy CEO and co-founder Michael Lee provided the following statement to "Evolve Energy is excited that we were granted our Texas REP license today! We are entering the market because of the enormous demand for an electricity company that is actually customer-centric. Powered by the latest tools that Silicon Valley has to offer, such as AI and machine learning, we are able to provide an incredible value for customers. We have developed a platform that saves our customers significant money, makes their lives easier, and helps the planet - all at the same time. These outcomes are no longer mutually exclusive. Because our model is decoupled from volume, we can help customers optimize for their true preferences, based on cost, carbon, and comfort. We make their smart home even smarter by leveraging it to save them money and reduce carbon. Ultimately, Evolve Energy is a digital customer-advocate platform for an industry that is about to go through massive transformation and we are excited to be at the forefront of driving this disruption for the better."

Lee has a background in renewable energy development and distributed energy, having co-founded and served as CEO of solar developer Pacific New Energy and having held business development and strategy positions at SunEdison and First Wind

Evolve Energy on its website describes its service as follows:

• Pricing: Real-Time, Wholesale Pricing leads to substantial savings on your energy costs.

• Smart Home Compatible: Automate savings by connecting the Evolve App to your smart home.

• Pay As You Go: Say goodbye to monthly bills with Pay-As-You-Go pricing; pay only for what you use.

• Transparent and Trusted: No gimmicks, no markup. Transparent pricing. 24/7 access to your data.

Furthermore, the site touts, "Truly automated savings."

"Go green and save green! Our app can connect to your smart thermostat and other internet enabled devices to lower costs and can even favor cheaper renewable energy when available. Simply set your preferences and our software puts machine learning to work ensuring that you pay less and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Go green and save green. You’ll always have visibility into your energy use and control over your settings, giving you the peace of mind to 'set it and forget it," the site states

The site further states: "Our wholesale pricing saves you up to 30% off retail electric rates."

The site further states: "Want to save even more? Our app easily integrates with your smart home internet enabled devices to save even more off of your electricity bill."

Evolve will also automatically create a blueprint for energy management based on customer-inputted goals, stating on its website:

• "Want to cut costs? We’ll find ways to shift your power usage on the back end to ensure you’re always getting the lowest price."

• "If going green is important to you, we’ll find ways to favor renewable sources whenever possible."

• "Pre-cooling and pre-heating your home can be fully automated keeping you comfortable, while saving money at the same time."

• "Once your preferences are set, Evolve implements energy-saving measures to help meet your goals."

"Once you become an Evolve customer, we constantly analyze data about your household power usage throughout the day enabling us to make tweaks and suggestions that will ultimately yield big savings. By connecting your internet enabled smart devices like thermostats, electric vehicles, and batteries to the Evolve app, we are able to align power use during times when energy is cheapest and most environmentally friendly," the site states

The site currently lists the membership fee for Evolve Energy as $10 per month

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