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ComEd Files Revised Purchased Electricity Charges, Transmission Rates For Period Beginning June 1, 2019

May 14, 2019

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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Commonwealth Edison has filed an update to the new electric supply rates Purchased Electricity Charges (PECs) for the period beginning June 1, 2019, as well as the new bypassable transmission charges

The revisions to both the PECs and transmission charges are de minimis and, for residential customers, the revised new June 1, 2019 Purchased Electricity Charge (PEC) is 0.01¢/kWh lower than the previously filed June 1 charge

The latest revisions reflect the results of the PJM Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) Auctions finalized May 6, 2019. As previously reported, ComEd had already filed new PECs to reflect results from the latest April 2019 default service procurement

The ComEd Purchased Electricity Charges (PECs) are the largest portion of the Price to Compare. A separate transmission charge (PJM Services Charges, PSC) is also included in the Price to Compare. The Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA, reconciliation) is also bypassable but not included in the Price to Compare.

Even with the update, for residential and Watt-hour Non-Electric Space Heating customers, the new June 1 (summer) Purchased Electricity Charges (PECs) are about 13% lower than the current (non-summer) charges. Compared to the year-ago summer charges, the new residential and small commercial PECs are about 4-5% lower.

Due to an increase in the transmission charge noted below, the overall residential ComEd Price to Compare will only decrease about 7% on June 1 versus the current rate (from 7.219¢/kWh to, unofficially, 6.725¢/kWh)

The revised ComEd Purchased Electricity Charges (PECs) are below. Note that the listed non-summer PECs are indicative, and rates may be updated depending on any fall 2019 procurement event conducted by the Illinois Power Agency

ComEd Purchased Electricity Charges (¢/kWh)

Summer 2019 PECs (June, July, August & September)
Residential                             5.610
Watt-hour Non-Electric Space Heating    5.616
Demand Non-Electric Space Heating       5.664
Nonresidential Electric Space Heating   5.371
Dusk to Dawn Lighting                   2.263
General Lighting                        5.365

"Indicative" Non-Summer 2019-20 PECs 
  (October 2019 - May 2020)

Residential                             6.101
Watt-hour Non-Electric Space Heating    6.117
Demand Non-Electric Space Heating       6.151
Nonresidential Electric Space Heating   5.924
Dusk to Dawn Lighting                   2.701
General Lighting                        5.886

ComEd also filed revised bypassable transmission charges (PJM Services Charges, PSC) for the period beginning June 1, 2019

For residential and small commercial customers, the new PJM Services Charges are about 3.6 mills per kWh higher than the current charge

ComEd PJM Services Charges (¢/kWh)
June 2019 - May 2020

Residential                             1.115
Watt-hour Non-Electric Space Heating    1.106
Demand Non-Electric Space Heating       1.106
Nonresidential Electric Space Heating   1.106
Dusk to Dawn Lighting                   1.095
General Lighting                        1.095

To compare how the latest revised rates compare to the previously filed June 2019 charges, see our prior story for the previously filed (now inapplicable) charges

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