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New Texas "Total Home Energy Management" Platform Includes Retail Electricity Shopping Site, Led By Texas Market Vet

August 3, 2021

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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EIQhome, LLC has launched a new digital home energy management platform,, and says of the platform that, "The EIQhome platform is designed to be the central hub for Total Home Energy Management that includes helping you find the lowest electricity rate for your home, reducing your use of electricity and improving your ability to live a sustainable lifestyle."

EIQhome was founded by Dan Sullivan who has 20 years’ leadership experience in retail energy with suppliers including Engie, Constellation, and Direct Energy, as well as energy technology platforms GridPoint and Nextilty.

EIQhome will initially focus on the Texas market but has plans to expand into other deregulated markets

"The EIQhome platform is built with the latest automation and artificial intelligence using AWS native cloud solutions, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and API integrations with 3rd parties," EIQhome said

EIQhome said, "For those shopping for a new electricity plan, EIQhome presents an unbiased listing of plans from almost every significant REP active in the consumer’s service territory. The EIQhome platform searches the internet for posted plans from major shopping sites and REPs and organizes those plans into one easy-to-use shopping experience."

EIQhome said, "The EIQhome platform understands, parses, and analyzes each plan to present an apples-to-apples cost comparison for each based on the homeowner’s unique energy usage profile. EIQhome easily integrates Smart Meter Texas (SMT) data or utilizes a proprietary usage forecast tool to create a unique usage profile and runs that profile against each plan to create a personalized cost estimate for the homeowner. This process presents the user with the most accurate, unbiased estimate of plan cost available, regardless of plan structure (e.g., Fixed, Tiered, TOU, etc.). EIQhome thus eliminates the confusion surrounding the use of 500/1000/2000 kWh usage walls and calculating highly structured plans for consumers looking to find their lowest cost plan." does not charge a fee for its service. does not receive any compensation from REPs related to the electricity comparison service. does not receive any compensation from REPs for listings on, or leads from, the electricity comparison service.

"EIQhome presents you with a personalized listing of competitive electricity plans sorted in low-cost order, no matter the plan structure (e.g., fixed price, tiered rates, 'free energy' plans)," EIQhome states

EIQhome promotes that, using SMT data for the user, the site provides a comparison of monthly costs under "free" plans (free nights, free weekends) so that customers may better understand the plans

The electricity plan comparison service is one part of EIQhome's Total Home Energy Management platform, which also includes monitoring and managing the user's home energy use and integrating connected devices, to provide usable and actionable recommendations and information

"EIQhome MyAccount offers a central platform for ongoing home energy management that provides the homeowner with the easy-to-understand bill and usage insights no matter the supplier. EIQhome MyAccount automatically captures key billing and usage data so the user can easily monitor and manage their home’s total energy cost. The system offers users multiple options to view the data in clear charts and graphs. The system also offers automated alerts as a means of proactively keeping households on top of their costs and usage," EIQhome states

"EIQhome automatically sends usage and billing alerts and integrates with real-time, smart usage devices to provide the information needed to make smart and sustainable energy decisions," the company states

"Real-Time Energy Monitoring empowers households to make energy efficient decisions by creating a live view of electricity consumption and educating them on where energy waste is occurring," EIQhome states

"Getting an instant look at their live energy use allows households to see exactly how much energy they are using and subsequently turn devices on or off. This is where home energy management moves from providing passive energy data that only produces reactive to informing consumers on their live energy use as it happens," EIQhome states

"Utilizing Connected Devices provides the promise of Total Home Energy Management by bridging the gap between being able to see real-time energy consumption and control the devices using it. While management is still dependent upon the household, they gain the ability to manage their home and energy from anywhere, remotely. This is made possible through an array of connected devices in the home using protocols such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi," EIQhome states

"With Connected Devices, the home earns its true 'smart' moniker, with technology automatically learning patterns within a home to find and suggest ways to control devices and ultimately save energy. Combing the real-time data feed with metadata from connected devices provides a home energy management platform the ability to understand exactly how appliances in the home are operating," EIQhome states

"EIQhome MyAccount also integrates with many smart energy devices with work underway to build other integrations for EVs, distributed generation, storage, and other smart energy devices. Future development will focus on building more automation into home energy management that optimizes energy costs, usage, and sustainability," EIQhome states

"The future of EIQhome is to provide this personalized and automatic optimization for the home in the near future. Work is already underway as we continue to add features and capabilities for Full Home Optimization," EIQhome states

"Full Home Optimization represents the epitome of Total Home Energy Management by using real-time energy, connected devices, and knowledge of performance management for the home and appliances, an Autonomous Home Energy Management Platform coordinates a personalized and automatic optimization engine for the home," EIQhome states

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