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4/18: Updated With Inspire Statement

4/17: PSC Staff Discloses 7 Retail Suppliers Which Received Cease & Desist Letters

April 17, 2023

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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Update, 4/18:

Inspire provided the following statement concerning the matter discussed in our story from April 17 (original story below)

"Inspire welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the commission to rapidly address and resolve the IT related issue regarding its rate postings on the site."

--- Statement from Inspire

Earlier (4/17):

Staff of the Maryland PSC disclosed that, "On March 1, 2023, Staff sent Cease and Desist demands to third-party suppliers National Gas & Electric, Inspire, Eligo Energy, Energy Plus Natural Gas, IDT Energy, Atlantic Energy, and Mpower," based on, as alleged by Staff, "one or more violations of Public Utilities Section 7-510.2 and 7-604.1, as well as COMAR and"

While Staff did not go into further detail, Staff captioned its update as "Third-Party Supplier Website Cease & Desist Letters", and, as noted below, Staff had suspended each supplier's ability to list offers on the PSC's online energy shopping site and rate board pending resolution of the matters.

During a March administrative meeting, Maryland PSC Chairman Jason Stanek had said that various PSC Staff offices had issued 8 or 9 cease and desist letters to retail suppliers, but none of the identities of the suppliers subject to any cease and desist letters had been previously disclosed.

The PSC is currently in a "maximum enforcement" period against retail energy suppliers, which started on February 1, and has been said to last for a period of no less than 6 months

Concerning the cease and desist letters disclosed by Staff listed above, Staff reported that, "Each of these third-party suppliers promptly contacted Staff and complied with the Cease and Desist demands upon receipt."

Staff reported that, "All but one of the Suppliers have since updated their Commission website offerings and are currently in compliance. As a result, these third-party suppliers have been authorized to resume marketing."

Staff reported that, "The exception is Mpower which continues to experience an IT problem preventing it from successfully updating its offering on the Commission website. Staff is working with Mpower to resolve the problem and will authorize resumption of marketing when successful."

Energy Plus provided the following statement to concerning the matter:

"Energy Plus has resolved this matter with the PSC. Because Energy Plus Natural Gas does not actively market to customers in Maryland, it was under no obligation to update the PSC website."

--- Statement from Energy Plus

Deryl Brown, Executive Chairman of Board of Atlantic Energy provided the following statement to concerning the matter:

"Atlantic Energy has been in communication with Maryland PSC Staff and is in full compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Atlantic Energy looks forward to collaboratively working with PSC Staff on any issues Staff may have in the future."

--- Statement from Deryl Brown, Executive Chairman of Board of Atlantic Energy

Staff further noted that, "In addition to the above, the following companies have reported that they have reviewed their offers on the Commission website and updated them where necessary: Reliant Energy Northeast LLC d/b/a NRG Home, Green Mountain Energy, Direct Energy Services, XOOM Energy, Stream Energy, and Gateway Energy."

Staff concluded by stating that, "Staff intends to continue to spot check the website and issue additional Cease and Desist demands when appropriate."


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