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New Retail Provider, With Apparent Ties To Company Tethering Cryptocurrency To Everyday Household Products, Seeks Texas REP Certificate

Said To Pay 100% Of Profits Back To Customer In Crypto

August 3, 2023

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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Maison Energy LLC applied for an Option 1 Texas retail electric provider certificate

Daniel Anton is the managing member of Maison Energy LLC

In 2021, a Dallas-based company named Maison Reserve & Co. announced via press release that it, "launche[d] the world's first cryptocurrency tethered to the supply and demand of real products, backed by R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and loyalty rewards, on a transparent and fool-proof ledger — Blockchain." Such 2021 press release also listed Daniel Anton as, "one of the lead investors in the company". could not confirm as of publication time that Maison Energy LLC is affiliated with Maison Reserve & Co. or that Daniel Anton, managing member of Maison Energy LLC, is the same individual as Daniel Anton, one of the lead investors in Maison Reserve & Co.

However, the Maison Reserve & Co. website does link to, under "Green Energy", the web domain listed by Maison Energy LLC in its Texas REP application as the Maison Energy LLC website

In the 2021 press release, Maison Reserve & Co. described its offering as follows (It is not clear if this same process will be used for retail energy): "The concept is simple. Maison Reserve & Co. manufactures a product that a consumer normally buys every week or month like a deodorant, lotion, or a shampoo. They then sell the product for what a competitor is selling it for, and instantly give the customer 50-75% cash-back in form of Maison Reserve crypto (MRSV) by scanning a QR code embedded in the product packaging, which can be swapped for USD, BTC, ETH, or used for buying more products on the Maison Reserve & Co. website and partner sites."

Maison Reserve & Co. said in the 2021 press release, "As a US-based manufacturing facility of everyday household products, Maison Reserve & Co. is focused on the long-term value of the brand, coupled with growing a loyal customer base, which is the primary reason for selling the products at cost when factoring in the economics behind the cash-back rewards."

Maison Reserve & Co. on its website further describes its offering as follows (It is not clear if this same process will be used for retail energy):

1. Product manufactured by Maison Reserve. (Cost to manufacture: $2.50)

2. Customer buys product at retail price. (Retail price: $5.00)

3. 50% goes to Maison Reserve, while the other half is sent to an exchange for buying Maison crypto. ($2.50 sent to the manufacture [sic]. $2.50 reserved for buying cash back.)

4. Newly acquired Maison crypto is sent to the customer wallet. (Cash-back owed to customer: $2.50)

Maison Energy's website currently includes language stating:

"Lowest price per kWh - Guaranteed"

"Best Rates[.] After cash-back, the rate you pay is what our cost was."

"Up to 50% cash-back every month"

"Get automatic cash-back applied to your crypto wallet every month"

"Get back 100% of the monthly profit generated from your electric bill"

"Our profit margin is displayed and given right back to you"

While the following language is not displayed on Maison Energy's live website, the website's source code includes the following language. As such language is not on the live website, the language may not reflect the company's current strategy:

"Paying an electric bill requires a transaction every 30 days, regardless of a customers' social class and economic environment. It's recession-proof, and a required expense (just like paying taxes), which in turn leads to more transactions that BUY our crypto every month, day, and hour. It also brings long-term stability to the price, making it less prone to extreme fluctuations, as well as nefarious pump-and-dump behavior.

"For every buying transaction, there’s a seller. Maison Reserve (the Company) is not selling any of our crypto. Meaning, you as a Maison crypto holder dictate how much you’re willing to sell it back to us for, which is what we in turn give the customer that is on the receiving end of the cash-back transaction. If you’re the only wallet willing to sell us Maison crypto, and we owe a customer $75 dollars in cash-back on their electric bill, even if you want $1 dollar per 1 Maison coin, you’ll get $75 dollars for 75 Maison coins.

Everyone comes out winning! That transaction didn’t cost Maison Reserve (the Company) anything. We simply used the profit margin ($75) from the electric bill that was paid, and went to the exchange offering $75 dollars for 'whatever amount' of Maison crypto those dollars could afford to buy. You as the person that sold the crypto obviously benefited from the transaction. Same goes for the electric customer that received the 75 Maison coins which they spent $0 to acquire."

In its REP application, Maison did not seek authorization to collect customer deposits or prepayments.


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