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NextEra Launches AI-Powered Retail Energy Concierge Shopping Service For Texas Market

Subscription-Based Service Guarantees Savings

May 28, 2019

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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NextEra Energy has launched a retail electric concierge shopping service in Texas, called Power Wizard, which relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor rate plans and select the best plans for each customer's unique situation

Power Wizard, LLC is described as, "part of the Nextera Energy family of companies." Per Texas Secretary Of State records, NextEra Energy Services, LLC serves as the "Governing Person" of Power Wizard, LLC.

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Power Wizard compares thousands of plans in the market and enrolls customers onto the best plan for them, based on their daily usage and other information, learning how and when customers use electricity, as well as customer preferences. Once a plan is selected, Power Wizard takes care of the sign up process on the customer's behalf. Power Wizard's website also states that it saves customers time by, "managing your bill payments."

After service begins on a new plan, Power Wizard continues to monitor rates for customers and if rates go up and a better plan is found, the platform will automatically notify customers of their options and potential savings.

Power Wizard is a subscription service which costs $8 per month, with a discounted annual subscription available for $86.

Power Wizard touts a savings guarantee that provides that, "Each month, if our platform doesn't save you at least $8, your subscription fee for that month will be refunded."

On its website, Power Wizard states, "Power Wizard is a subscription service because it works for you -- not retail energy providers. Certain broker shopping sites receive a commission from energy providers when users sign up through their service, meaning that these sites can be swayed to recommend options that aren’t the best fit. Your $8 per month (or $86 annual) subscription fee upholds Power Wizard’s commitment to you and ensures the service isn’t biased toward any one retail energy provider. We only select plans that will give you the most savings."

"Power Wizard is unbiased; it does not side with any one electricity provider. It will only select providers that offer the best rate for your needs," Power Wizard states on its website

"Our platform takes the human error out of shopping for electricity by using artificial intelligence to compare plans in your area. It creates a unique energy profile for you based on your usage history and finds the plan that will deliver the most savings specifically for you," Power Wizard states on its website

In evaluating rates, the system makes sure the customer is not losing money on cancellation fees.

"Power Wizard makes sure that our system only switches your plan when you’ll save money and that the switch is totally seamless. Our system takes into account contract cancellation fees and our system lets you know before the switch has been made," Power Wizard states on its website

Concerning its use of a subscription-based service, Power Wizard on its website states, "Most energy brokers get paid by electric providers and the rates are marked up to cover that cost."

"Power Wizard only gets paid by our subscribers. This allows us to give you, our subscriber, the absolute lowest rates out there," Power Wizard states on its website

Power Wizard users receive access to a personalized dashboard with information about usage and energy savings

On its website, Power Wizard touts its service as follows:

Let us handle everything.

Our system will enroll you in the best plan out there. And, if the rates go up and a better plan is found, our platform will automatically notify you of your options.

Calculate your savings.

Our system estimates your savings based on your usage history or property data. You won't have to sift through a bunch of plans -- Power Wizard does that for you!

Save Time

From finding the lowest rate, to managing your bill payments, our platform saves you time by taking care of the details.

Save Money

Our system continuously tracks energy rates so that you don't have to. Our technology allows us to find the best rates out there.

Rest Easy

Power Wizard ensures that our system will find and keep you at the best available rate while promising that your information is totally safe and secure.

Our system searches more providers than anyone else to get you the best rate. And Power Wizard makes sure it stays that way.

Power Wizard's website is

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