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Pennsylvania PUC Urges Customers To Explore Shopping As Most Mass Market Default Service Rates Increasing (Posts Summary List Of PTCs)

Some Increases Range From 20-45%

May 17, 2023

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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"The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) today alerted consumers that on June 1 most electric utilities will be adjusting electric generation prices charged to non-shopping, or default service, customers – and reminded them they have options to #SaveinPA this summer, including shopping with competitive electric generation suppliers (EGSs) and exploring energy efficiency and conservation measures around their home or business," the PUC said in a news release

New PTCs for the seven large EDCs had already been reported by over the past few weeks: PECO --- Duquesne Light --- FirstEnergy EDCs --- PPL

As previously reported, the most notable changes are: 20% increase for West Penn Power residential; 45% increase for West Penn Power small commercial; and about a 20% decrease for both PPL residential and small business

"The upcoming price changes, combined with the increased use of electricity that we typically see during the long, hot days of summer, make this a very good time for consumers to evaluate their energy options," said PUC Chairman Gladys Brown Dutrieuille.

"Consumers should be aware of the pending price changes and understand the rates they will be paying. Additionally, they are encouraged to learn more about options for managing energy costs by exploring the Commission’s official electric shopping website,, for details on competitive offers along with tips for energy conservation and savings," the PUC said

The PUC reported that, beginning June 1, EDCs that have adjusted their PTCs for residential default service customers include (prices and changes as reported by PUC):

• PECO, with an increase from 9.726 cents to 10.312 cents per kWh (up 6%)

• Duquesne Light, with an "estimated" (PUC's description, final tariff has been filed reflecting the rounded 11.45 cents used by the PUC here) increase from 11.25 to 11.45 cents per kWh (up 1.8%)

• West Penn Power, with an increase from 8.228 to 9.929 cents per kWh (up 20.7%)

• Met-Ed, with an increase from 9.991 to 10.24 cents per kWh (up 2.5%)

• Penelec, with an increase from 9.561 to 9.703 cents per kWh (up 1.5%)

• Penn Power, with an increase from 10.439 to 10.556 cents per kWh (up 1.1%)

• PPL, with a decrease from 14.612 to 12.126 cents per kWh (down 17%)

• UGI, with a decrease from 12.54 to 11.084 cents per kWh (down 11.6%)

• Wellsboro Electric, with a decrease from 12.816 to 12.393 cents per kWh (down 3.3%)

• Citizens’ Electric, with an increase from 13.4248 to 13.8078 cents per kWh (up 2.8%)

• The PUC said that a Price to Compare for Pike County Light & Power will be available later this month. Pike County files its new default service rates on May 16 (click here)

For small business customers, the PUC said that most EDCs are also adjusting their prices to compare in their small Commercial and Industrial rate classes.

"Among the state’s major EDCs, PPL is seeing a substantial decrease in its June 1 small business default service rate, with a decrease of nearly 21%; meanwhile, small business customers in the state’s four FirstEnergy companies (Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power and West Penn Power) will see PTC increases ranging from 18 to 45%," the PUC said

"The PUC continues encouraging consumers who have contracts with competitive energy suppliers to know their contract expiration dates and to carefully review contract renewal notices from suppliers detailing energy shopping options and next steps," the PUC said

"Shopping customers will receive two contract renewal notices from their supplier – including an Initial Notice 45-60 days prior to the contract’s expiration date and an 'Options Notice' at least 30 days before their contract ends. Consumers should read the Options Notice carefully as it includes important information on the supplier’s proposed changes to current terms of service as well as other consumer options – including shopping for another supplier or returning to the utility’s default service. Consumers can also choose to contact their current supplier to discuss other possible offers and products," the PUC said


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