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ERCOT Reports Number Of ESI IDs Participating In REP Demand Response Programs, Amount Of 2020 Load Reductions

December 16, 2020

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

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ERCOT has posted an annual report on demand response, which includes the amounts of ESI IDs in various retail electric provider (REP) demand response programs, based on REP survey responses, as well as MW load reductions associated with each category

Using REP survey data, ERCOT compiled the number of ESIIDs/accounts participating in the various Demand/Price Response categories, as shown in the table below.

ERCOT listed the following issues to note when considering the participation numbers:

1. Pricing category definitions and identifications were changed for the 2020 survey.

a. The Block & Index category, which was not surveyed in 2020, was applicable only to Non-Residential ESIIDs/Accounts

b. The Real Time pricing category, which was not surveyed in 2020, applied to all ESIIDs/accounts, but was limited to indexing based on Real-Time prices.

c. Two new categories, Indexed Real Time and Indexed Day-Ahead, were surveyed for the first time in 2020 and apply to all ESIIDs/Accounts and capture both types of indexing.

d. The survey also included an Indexed Other category to accommodate any other type of indexing; however, no participation among REPs or NOIEs was reported for this category.

2. The Other Voluntary DR category is included in the survey to capture participation in a program type that doesn’t fit in any of the pre-defined survey categories.

a. No REP participation has been reported for this category since the 2018 REP survey.

b. A significant portion of the NOIE participation in 2019 reflected NOIE adoption of Conservation Voltage Reduction programs. This contributed to the addition in 2020 of CVR as a separate survey category specific to NOIEs.

3. The 4CP Incentive program category is specific to the NOIE survey and was included for the first time in 2019. This category provides for a way to distinguish the less direct 4CP incentive program from the Advise/Control program.

4. One REP’s participation in 4CP Advise/Control was submitted by the REP as ‘Other’ in 2019.

In the two tables linked below (Tables 7-8), ERCOT showed findings associated with the summer days in 2020 for which the Load reduction amounts at the system-level exceeded 1000 MW. ERCOT also identified and analyzed six additional 2020 summer days which had high prices or load reductions associated with 4CP avoidance, but at the system level the Demand reductions for those days were below 1000 MW. Table 7 shows the MW amount of Load reduction on the various days, and Table 8 shows the number of ESIIDs/NOIEs identified as responding on those days.

ERCOT annual demand response report, Tables 7-8, see pages 18-19

In considering the data, ERCOT said empty cells in the tables below are attributable to the following:

1. Deployment-based programs were only evaluated on days for which the REP or NOIE reported having deployed the program. If the REP/NOIE did not deploy their program on a specific high-price or 4CP/Near-CP day, then no Load reduction estimates for that program appear for that day.

2. In the case of two deployment-based programs, Peak Rebate and Direct Load Control, the program was deployed but the level of load reduction did not round to at least 1 MW.

3. For the 2019 report, Load reduction estimates were developed for ERCOT’s Emergency Response program and for TDSP Standard Offer Load Management programs. These programs were not deployed during 2020, and columns for them are omitted from the tables for 2020.

ERCOT further noted that for these tables:

1. MW reductions reported are all for Hour Ending 17 to ensure consistency. In some cases, the Load reductions shown are not in alignment with the high prices on that day or with the program deployment times. As a result, reductions reported here may not match those reported elsewhere for other Operating Hours.

2. Export from Settlement Only Generators is not included in this table. If a Load reduction was effectuated by operating behind the meter generators, the reduction is still treated as Load reduction in this report.

In Table 7 linked above, which shows Load reduction for each of the program categories on the specific day, the amounts shown in the 'Total System DR' column reflect summation of Load reduction across the various program categories, and eliminate double counting when ESIIDs participate in more than one program or NOIEs are identified as responding to both 4CP and high prices. The Overlap column is the difference between the amount in the Category Total column and the Total System DR column. Thus, the Overlap amount is the measure of double counting in the Category Total column.

ERCOT also provided a summary of its analysis of the increase in exports to the grid from registered and unregistered Settlement Only Generators (SOG) in response to high prices.

The analysis of exports associated with unregistered SOGs was limited to the export from ESIIDs in competitive areas of ERCOT with Advanced Metering System (AMS) meters and with 'DG' profile types. The effect of this profile limitation is to exclude exports from Distributed Renewable Generation, as indicated by 'PV' and 'WD' coded in the profile types. Similarly, the analysis of exports associated with registered Settlement Only Generation (SOGs) excluded those with primary fuel types of 'SUN,' 'WND,' or 'UNK.'

ERCOT listed settlement only generation price response, based on 2020 data as follows:

ERCOT annual demand response report

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